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Demons and Angels, Monsters and Goblins

This is by no means a complete album of every spirit I have summoned over the years, but rather an album of my best images.  I have nearly, if not over 800 to 1,000 photos of spirits, demons and premonitions given by entities over the last 17 years since 2000 when I started my quest for power and evil allies.  I'm not afraid of demons in the slightest, but my fellow man there is an evil deeper than any in Hell, more brutal than can be made by possession of man flesh.  No demon will hurt me, but man is another question.  Jealous is he of what I have and weak to the powers of greed, pride and power, those attributes demons give to the weak.  I will die when I die, but I shall rise back as one of Hell's minions to create a fear worth fearing.