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Eldritch Magic

Eldritch Magic comes in a wide variety of styles, so there is a lot of room to mess around here.  Just by reading the rules, you will see clearly separate and different rule sets.  The magical systems used by Eldritch creatures on Kidasuna are considered more primitive, but they still hold vast power when the mental techniques and conjurations are mastered.  These faiths are the precursors to the most advanced faiths of Seuwrhanism and its elaborate systems of symbology.

Rules of the Vinori, Eleni, Zarrae and Innan'va

Coven of Inuga

Laws of Inuga

(1) To no other shall you bow, but me the one true evil. The one true God of All.

(2) The flesh is all that counts, protect it and cherish it.

(3) You will above all, follow me into Soul Death if need be.

Anti Christian Laws

(1) Take joy in the battle and slaughter in mindless wrath across Earth.

(2) Spread my word to every being, all who fail to obey it shall be slain and fed to the strong.

(3) Throw Christian babies in an oven and feed them to the children of unchristian nations.

(4) We are here to win, or die fighting.

(5) Its sole purpose of being is to destroy Yahweh and all his children.

(6) Join me or die!

Coven of Gulmorta

Light-worker Rules

(1) The Light is the method by which change is created by means of peaceful transition.

(2) A Soul Worker should not judge by any means, but guide by the Divine Will, which loves all beings equally.

(3) It is your purpose to work in the common good, which is the gentle guidance of lower vibrations into higher forms.

(4) It is your purpose to help guide lower vibrating souls into the higher vibrating consciousness.

(5) Your purpose in life is to teach acceptance and love to lower vibrating soul beings.

Laws of Balance

(1) The balance between Light and Darkness is most important.

(2) You cannot have Good without Evil and Evil without Good.

(3) Both, Good and Evil have their gifts to offer their followers.

(4) A universe lacking in either Good or Evil is an empty shell, which should be vibrant with all the shades between Light and Darkness.

(5) Know to balance and never to remove either Good or Evil from your being, unless to become a slave to the other.

Laws of the Eternal Gate

(1) You were born to witness Creation and the Elder Order’s Will.

(2) Place your faith in me and I shall take you home to the White Heavens that is our Holy.

(3) The keys to open the Gates of Eternity are kept within the soul of a child, the one true savior.

(4) Not even the consciousness of Creation can know who this child will be.

(5) Our purpose, as the first in Creation, was to create new souls with the power the Elder Order gave to us.

Philosophical Quote

There is only so much the particles of matter and frequencies of energy can contain. So in a way, even the Elder Order fails to know absolutely everything.

Covenant of Oros the Founder

(1) Becoming a vampire is a privilege of immortality, though it is a curse at the same time. This gift should not be forced upon the unwilling. Think well before making children of the Rokat, think hardest of making children of the Vinori who are already long lived. Above all else, think of the consequences of making children of any kind. They are immortal.

(2) Punish by means of Kurane’s eternal rays any child that drinks the blood of his or her brother or sister within the vampire nations.

(3) The embrace is a reward to the worthy and it shall not be wasted on unworthy and weak souls. Among unworthy souls are those who are diseased in life, insane or filled with greed and malice, because these mortals will destroy the vampire nations.

(4) We shall be thin among the mortals, nor shall we ever make our presence known to them.

(5) The sire of children shall teach the ways and customs of the vampire nation from which they are brought into, but above all else these laws set forth by Oros.

(6) You shall never embrace the Rokat, because they are wild and untamed. Doing such will welcome death into your home and such children shall be destroyed.

(7) You shall listen to the words of the wise elf and not embrace them. There powers are beyond control if they join the vampire nations and such power should be allowed to die with its holder.

(8) You shall feed upon elves and not the Rokat or beasts of the wilds. Drinking from such will invite madness.

(9) Embrace to add to the vampire nations, but only in greatest need, never out of love. Love in Oros’ embrace will grow cold and die.

(10) Never drink of the priest or sorcerer, because they will ensnare you under a spell. Only seek their council and go no further into a relationship with them.

(11) Break of these laws and it is a punishment Oros shall seek upon you. Prescribed depending on the seriousness shall be burning for low offenses that endanger the bloodline, beheading for murder of kindred. Torture or paralysis for betraying our kindred to a priestess or sorcerer. Kurane’s immortal fire is reserved for those who abuse their kinships and betray both the laws of mortals and immortals alike.

Covenant of the Silver Snake

(1) We are given dominion over the Vinori Kinships inside of the Sanctuary Lands. We shall never number more than one in 30 elves. We will watch over the elves as if they were our children and teach them the wisdom of the vampire nations.

(2) The elves will serve us while Kurane shines and we protect them while the darkness permeates the night. The elves will watch our houses. They will feed us and provide us with song and comfort. They will give us advice and we will listen. They will worship us and we are to let them.

(3) We shall guide the elves as a shepherd guides his flock and cull them if the land needs our help to recover. We are to cleanse their ills and keep them clean of sickness and ill minds.

(4) Find a kinship in need of an immortal leader and take root there. Feed as you need and take no more from those who serve you. Savor every drop they give as it could be your last.

(5) Of those you choose to have in your house that are not of our blood may come into the house to protect you. Let no one embrace these chosen guardians of your house. Let their strength be your strength, a strength that does not fade with the sun. Let their eyes be your eyes, an eye that can see in the day. Let their ears be your ears, an ear that can hear while you slumber.

(6) Let those who serve be named the greatest of the Vinori and most privileged. Let them enjoy the finery of our race. We shall protect them from those who will hurt and hinder them.

Order of the Black Snake

(1) Feed on the wicked, the sinful and the ugly souls on this world. They are our children and we shall feed upon them.

(2) Our father Oros was a dark lord over his domain and we shall be dark lords over our kindred.

(3) You shall not let your children live as they did in mortal life. They are your sons, daughters and eunuchs.

(4) Destroy any kindred that drink the heart’s blood from any of your children. This is the way of the race of Black Snakes.

Coven of the Iron Hand

No rules given, follow Coven of Gulmorta rules.

Clans of the Succubae

(1) We must now strike back when our numbers and magic permits it.

(2) We must build our numbers before it is too late.

Meditative or Chant Magic

The easiest form of magic is the equivalent to chaos magic.  This type of magic employs the use of a Celestial Mojo which can be made by joining the Celestials and keeping yourself pure for one year; that means no sex for a year.  A Celestial Mojo is a set of colored stones and a quartz wand used in the place of all tools needed to perform magic.  It isn't clear how sacrifices are made for those rituals that originally called for such.

The instructions and ritual for making a Celestial Mojo can be found in book 5.3 Temple of Slaughter.  This mojo does not behave like other mojo bags in that this one is powered by all your years of magic along with the power of the Celestials.  Others can participate in its use and even touch it since all souls and all beings are connected by there need of a star's warmth to live and thus are already connected to the Celestial, which is Eldritch lore are the living stars.  We are all the children of the stars.

Nothing is spoken about how to actually use the Celestial Mojo once it is made, but I have found that placing the colored stones in their assigned places around me and having the white stone in my lap or under my lap works best.  The quartz wand is just held to the forehead and the prayers sent out.  You can read formal incantations or just ask it to do something and thank it in an informal way as if speaking to a friend.

There is a downside to Celestial Mojo and that is that its connected to your soul and will be part of what guides you into the next life.  It is extremely powerful and if your mojo becomes evil, you are likely to become a demon or an evil spirit with all that encompasses.

Note: A Celestial Mojo only works with the Calssical Elements that us Earth, Wind, Fire and Water based elemental systems.  These systems are themselves governed by spirit.  Seuwrhanism is an evil form of this system but still is governed by the classical elements.

Classical Elements

This mojo can be used with any western magical system, but does not work with the Chinese Wu Xing, sorry people.  The Wu Xing is based on a philosophy alien to the Vinori and Rokat who developed the Celestial MoWu Xing

Chants are the easiest system of magic in my collection and the simplest as well.  This can be considered chaos magic in that other tools can be added and the rituals are do as you wish.  The Zarrae on Kidasuna are the only practitioners of Chaos Magic.

Chants are the Step 7s of Traditional Seuwrhanism.  Turning this system into Chaos Magic you can add more tools to suit your style, but make sure to follow the sexual conduct in case you need to call upon a deity to clean up your mistakes.

Fire Blood and the Fang contains the bulk of the chant based magic.  These chants rely solely on the personal power of the practitioner rather than a deity.  Since this magic calls only upon one's self for power, you are free to modify the rituals however you see fit, but calling deities can only be done by the rules provided in the texts that described the deity.


(1) This ritual should be done sitting at a table. Place the black candle in front of you about 1 ½ feet to 2 feet away and light the candle.

(2) Meditate heavily on the words of this chant and chant it as many times as you need to feel that it powered up. Visualize what the rituals says too.

(3) Finish the chant with this line.


(1) Be ke Kopot!

(2) Speak or meditate the words of the chant phrase.  These are short and simple for a reason.

(3) Be ke Kopot!

Elvin Magic

Elven magic is the predecessor to Seuwrhanic magic and is presented as a means of study on the evolution of faith on Kidasuna.  The Elven System of magic is generally used for less potent requests than the Seuwrhanic Systems explained here.  This is a personal use ritual and any addition of coven members will be used by having your acolyte setup the ritual and the leader actually perform the active steps.


(1) The altar shall have a black mirror in the center. It is okay to place the altar items on the floor in front of you, so as long as you can see your reflection in the mirror. There shall be a black candle at either side of the black mirror. Keep some space on the right side on the altar to comfortably put the athame and Lumarian Wand when they are not in use. There shall be an inverted pentagram drawn upon the ground. The white candles shall be placed at the points of the star. Light all the candles at the beginning of the ritual. Sit on the ground or a chair; it is up to you so as long as you can see your face in the mirror.


(2) Bring down the elemental powers from the Andromeda Galaxy.


(2) I call to the powers of the five elements of Kidasuna to protect me!


(3) Hold the athame pointed up and draw in the energy of the elements as you call them.


(3) Benevolent Earth of the North Wall, protect me from evil! Benevolent Wind of the East Wall, protect me from evil! Benevolent Fire of the South Wall, protect me from evil! Benevolent Water of the West Wall, protect me from evil! Benevolent Spirit Above and Below, protect me from evil!


(4) Generally you will be seated for the duration of the ritual, follow the instructions for this step as given for the chosen ritual.
(5) This is generally a chant or meditation.


(4) This step is about calling the deity and setting the deal with the deity.

(5) This step is about delivering energy and showing the deity you want your goal.


(6) Point the athame up and release the energy of the elements with this line.


(6) Benevolent Spirit Above and Below I release your power, but always watch over me. Benevolent Water of the West Wall I release your power, but always watch over me. Benevolent Fire of the South Wall I release your power, but always watch over me. Benevolent Wind of the East Wall I release your power, but always watch over me. Benevolent Earth of the North Wall I release your power, but always watch over me.


(6) Point the athame up and release the energy of the elements with this line.


(7) By the power of the Elements of Kidasuna I close this circle and conclude this ritual. We can now depart until next time.

Easy Systems of Magic

This book contains chants.

No examples of Elf magic have been published at this time.