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Advanced Seuwrhanic Magic

If you are using these books, you are just pain fucked up in the head.  Anyway, it's fun to watch your enemies' lives fall apart.  Some spells in these books are illegal to perform, I will let you decide where you draw the line and where your local law enforcement draws the line.  If you are planning to sacrifice a human, you are fucking psycho.  In general human sacrifice is illegal in all countries.  In general, animal sacrifice or ritual killing is illegal, but check your local government website for the exact laws and please do not waste the meat, it is the spirit energy that the deities want, the meat is to be eaten and the skin and bones to be used.  Despite what the site and book say, please use tested and humane methods to slaughter any animals to be offered to the deities.

Rules of Seuwrhanism - Gate Rituals, Sacrifices and Reincarnation

Laws of the Lesser Gate

(1) First you must have the soul of a demon.

(2) One must cast aside all attachments to the human world.

(3) Let his evil into your soul.

Laws of the Greater Gate

(1) It would be wise to abandon the house or even burn it down.

(2) Get possessed and get loud.

(3) Let the evil overtake everything.

(4) Let your rage burn with absolute disdain for the Christians.

Sacrificial Rules

(1) A virgin lamb or human child is best to sacrifice to Seuwrhan.

(2) Disembowelment of your sacrifice is the desired method to bring about the most intense pain.

(3) Disembowelment should be the method of execution not the torture.

(4) If failure should be the result of your working the whole of your coven should commit suicide rather than age in a cage until death takes them.

(5) You will need to keep firearms around the ritual site in case your sacrifice gets away and you need to kill it.

Seuwrhanic Order

(1) Salvation was made to save those that could be saved.

(2) Damnation was made to damn those that could not be saved.

(3) Darkness shall at all times outnumber the Light by one or two but never three.

(4) Every demon name is blessed by the Sacrifice of the Multitude.

(5) All who are damned shall one day be named demons in Kurane’s eternal fires.

Laws of Dane

(1) Dane made evil and only through him can it be unmade.

(2) He was made by Seuwrhan and only Seuwrhan can unmake him.

Laws of Death

(1) The path a soul will take after death depends absolutely on the faith the soul is bound to upon death.

(2) The atheist will have no afterlife.

(3) Belief in the afterlife is needed to hold the soul together.

(4) The belief of an afterlife will bind the soul to its beliefs rather than true freewill.

(5) The soul knows in reality and chooses its own destiny.

Laws of the Three Doors

(1) The sorcerer will choose a door and find damnation, salvation or reincarnation behind it.

(2) The devil’s womb is a lady’s anus.

(3) The mouth is where curses are spat forth after the seed is eaten.

(4) Guilt will bring damnation.

(5) Bliss will bring salvation.

(6) Being in the middle is reincarnation.

Laws of Reincarnation

(1) The lowest levels of belief become animals while the highest belief becomes mortals.

(2) The most powerful can possess a body at will.

(3) The demonic cannot possess forever, but the High Sorcerer can remain.

(4) The living has full power while you in spirit only have partial power in the physical reality.

Lesser Gate Rituals

The Lesser Gate Rituals are very powerful spells making use of a black mirror that is marked with the gate sigil to open the Gates of Kurane.  Spells performed using the Lesser Gate call out demonic forces that often appear to the naked eye, front and center.  These are spells that allow demonic forces to be seen and worked with in ways not easily done using other traditions of magic.  By calling out the demonic clans of Kurane, you will be working with some of the most powerful forces in the universe when it comes to my system of magic.  The ritual need to make the Seuwrhanic Key is not provided here, because the nature of these spells in the hands of a sorcerer that is not serious about using this system.

The Lesser Gate Rituals are used to bring bout the types of mayhem as seen in Journey of the Blue Flame, but by using the Lesser Gate, you are invoking a demon rather than evoking it as in Journey of the Blue Flame.  Demons called using the Lesser Gate are called into material substance while most instances of rituals performed using the book Journey of the Blue Flame only get a minor response by comparison.  The Lesser Gate should only be used for instances when great power is needed.  The Lesser Gate Rituals are found in the Zigoto Grimoire.


(6)  Hold the key and point it at the mirror and command it to happen.

(7)  While still holding the key, chant these words holding a deep gaze into the mirror.


(6) In the name of Minupeshe sha ke Shimora I open wide the Gates of Kurane. Come forth evil forces of the darkest realms and evil places. Here is your sanctuary and this place is your house. In evil these walls are sealed from all Light. Only Darkness reigns within this house of evil. I offer forth the flesh of my kin as an offering to your great and vile lords and ladies, kings and queens, gods and goddesses of the evil and malignant path of destruction.

(7) Come to me! Come to me! Come to me! My hatred is for you to feed upon! Take what I hate and consume its flesh!

Rules of Seuwrhanism - Sins, Blood and Sigils

Order of the Four Winds

Laws of the Four Winds

(1) You shall have learned enough about us to write and perform spells of your own.

(2) You shall have learned to curse power that draws upon the most primal forces of Kurane that which we draw our power from.

(3) Let the powers of evil win over you and you alone shall triumph over your foes.

(4) Worship Seuwrhan and you shall know Kurane as an unholy savior.

(5) Know the names of damnation and know the names of salvation.

(6) Know the sorcerer who knows such power.

(7) All shall bow to the sorcerer that commands this force.

(8) The greatest god is the sorcerer that learns to command the Four Winds of Evil.

(9) The Four Winds of Evil answer only to the race of demons that dwell deepest in the Palace of Seuwrhan.

(10) Those that know these winds as demons shall know them only as a breeze.

(11) Those that defy us shall know the Winds of Evil as a storm of destruction upon their entire world.

Sins of the Palace

(1) The thrones hold the souls of those that thought they would be kings above the Gods of Kurane

(2) The chandelier above the thrones are found the writhing forms of martyred saints and each hold a candle burning a blue fire while impaled upon cold steel stakes.

(3) Those that think they can walk all over the forces of darkness are damned to be the very steps that Seuwrhan treads upon.

(4) The steps of the shrines are reserved for those that oppress the worshippers of Seuwrhan and many more they are.

(5) The walls of the throne room have the souls of those that work for the White Lord, but are damned to hold the roof over Seuwrhan’s throne.

The Ten Sins

(1) Seuwrhan’s chambers are the place where the sinners of corruption go to be damned.

(2) Kukuloo and Yeksi’s chambers are where the sins of madness and rage are punished.

(3) Roaw and Nigira’s chambers are where the souls that commit the sins of ego and deceit are punished.

(4) Muews and Tuvax’s chambers are where the sins of chaos and broken love are punished.

(5) Azahran and Shlaah’s chambers are where the sins of bastards and homosexuality are punished.

(6) Those that die from greed are fried in boiling oil.

(7) Those that die from vengeance are baked in a great oven.

(8) Those that die from hatred are steamed in a pot of boiling water.

(9) Those that die from malice are grilled over fire.

(10) Those that die from treachery will be diced, chopped and served in a salad.

Order of the Nine

Sexual Crimes

(1) The fiery keeps of Kurane hunger for the souls of sexual sinners.

(2) Butt and filth is a path to damnation.

(3) Vagina is the path to a seed that will save your soul.

(4) Those that keep their purity will find salvation even among the temples to the dark and evil gods of Kurane.

Laws to Become Corrupted

(1) Those that use the White Lord should be your food for this quest.

(2) One must disguise themselves, because demons can mask their true selves.

(3) Learn to feed from them, but do not feast greedily upon them.

(4) Smite them behind the scenes and when questioned, live in denial.

(5) Learn about the White Lord in his myriad of forms.

(6) Do not lose focus, because destroying the White Lord should be your true thought.

(7) Never betray trust until you are truly done with the group you are working with.

(8) Never allow them to know your true path until you are confident that they know the real you.

(9) When one learns and masters the arts of the Seuwrhanic Way, they will become demons and rule over the souls that rain down.

(10) The power of Seuwrhan is everywhere and in everything.

Laws of a High sorcerer

(1) Show your body as it was made by thy mother and father.

(2) Perform all magic with respect to the absolute power of the deity.

(3) Know that you can never be above the deity.

(4) Know that the deity only allows you to manifest magic for its mission and nothing else.

(5) Never claim power over a deity, but live humbly below it.

(6) Never abuse a deity, but abuse the power if freely gives.

(7) Know that you only have power if the deity allows it.

(8) Understand the mission of each deity.

(9) Never allow a deity to control you.

Law of Virtues

(1) Prophecy: The full collective works of the Prophecy shall have been read, understood and worshiped.

(2) Supreme Emperor: He is God and thus God of all Rokat and all souls in Creation and he shall be worshiped as such.

(3) Virgins: Any member of the populace that has reached the age of consent that has yet to have submitted to sin.

(4) Holy Virgins: Any member of the populace that is born with an aversion to submitting to the sins of the flesh.

(5) Immortal Sin: Any form of homosexual penetration that leads to climax, which is all submission to all non-reproductive pleasures.

Laws of Blood Magic

(1) It is through our blood that we hold the greatest powers.

(2) Through the mother and the father, the powers unite.

(3) No other outside the direct bloodlines of God Seuwrhan will know the ultimate evils.

(4) At the end of time, only Darkness shall have power.

(5) No other of the polarities shall be among them.

Laws of Armageddon

(1) All are slaves to the final death.

(2) Go forth into the world and wage war.

(3) The victors of the coming war shall own the souls of those slain by their hand.

(4) I will end the world that refuses the gods of those that summon me.

(5) There is salvation and that is found in servitude to the Master Race.

(6) Give up now and learn the Master’s ways of reality.

(7) Bow to the Obsidian King and know that he alone is God.

Blood Magic

WARNING: This site does not provide critical information needed to write a proper blood spell.  You will need Alpha and the Omega Grimoire or Pan Mythica for proper Blood Magic.  There is no positive blood magic in the Seuwrhanic System.  Blood magic does bind you on a spiritual level with your victim, so this type of magic should only be used on troublesome family members that defy the laws given in the books sold on this site.  Giving your blood to harm another devout worshiper of Seuwrhan will backfire.  Blood Magic is found in the Alpha and the Omega Grimoire.


(6) Just like in normal Seuwrhanic Magic, you will invoke the deity and make the contract with it.

(7) While chanting or before you chant or speak the line provided you will prick your finger and for the first three read-throughs you will place a drop of blood on the photo of your victim.


(6) Used to invoke and set the mood of the spell.  Use the incantation of your chosen spell.

(7) A reason to let the blood flow.  Read line three times or chant as many as you feel necessary.

Books for the Advanced Level Sorcerer

These books deal with gates, sacrifices, sigil and blood magic.