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If it's ILLEGAL don't do it.

This site describes a collection of faiths channeled from beings on a planet called Kidasuna.  On this planet there is state sanctioned sacrifices and ways to legally acquire a human sacrifice, only slaves.  On Earth however this is not the case, so if you choose to follow or practice any of these faiths, you are warned that as long as you are material, existing in this reality, even you as a god are bound by human law.

If you decide to produce RPG (Role Playing Game) material using what is contained on this site, I am okay with it, but you must contact me about the books and backstories as none of that is posted here.  These are real religions where they are sourced and the deities presented on this site are dangerous and should be taken with the seriousness of the tone of this site.

Anyone that decided to actually attempt a ritual presented on this site is recommended to buy one or all of the books, because this site only gives hints and not complete rituals in the Advanced Magic page.  The deities of Seuwrhanism will be listed below, but not the Eldritch or any other pantheons associated with the Prophecy or affiliated Kidasuna material.  You will need the Pan Mythica or the Illuminated Edition to fully understand the rituals needed to get started.  My motto: "Practice within the law."

PS. Book files are now going to be available on this site.  The printed books are linked on the right side of page, but the MS Word files will be for download at the bottom of page.

About the Temple

The Seurwhanism is about your practice of Seurwhanic Magic on a quest for mortal godhood.  There is also the summoning of demons to cast powerful spells.  It is the practice of godhood with the help of a demonic host that is bound by few rules.

The Seuwrhanic Temple can be a room in your house, a spare bedroom or a room that is used for mundane purposes by day but becomes your temple by night.  The ritual space must be large enough to accommodate your ritual circle.  The room must be at least 9x9 feet.  Tools and other ritual objects are very straight forward.

About the Magic

The magic is evil and can only be used for evil. The basic ritual causes harm to one’s enemies. It is ceremonial magic and involves a rather complex system of positions and tools depending on the ritual being used.

The first part is calling the quarters of the inner circle on the altar around the bowl. The next part is sealing the outer circle where you are. Once the circle is properly sealed, you begin to cast whatever atrocities upon your enemies you wish to and begin to reverse your way to open the circles.

Once you have read Pan Mythica and performed a few rituals, it should not be hard to learn the system since a similar setup and take down is used for all Seuwrhanic Magic. Once you have learned Seuwrhanic Magic, most human systems will be very easy to use.

Why use Seuwrhanic Magic?

This path is the fuel on your fire.  This religion gives the ego just about every delicious, all-powerful desire one can imagine.  If power and feeding your ego is your thing, this path is for you.  As with any religion, it does have rules and some of them will put you below the entities and that is to be expected.  You are calling upon them after all.

Below shows the full power of Seuwrhanism when used with absolute hatred.  The evil elements represented in the Seuwrhanic system can become possessed if the sorcerer is pure evil.
Just below is a video is demonically possessed candles.  This is what you want when performing Seuwrhanic magic.

To the right is a video link of what can happen during a Seuwrhanic Ritual.  This is what happens when the shit hits the fan.  This is an example of a broken circle during a heavy ritual using the Greater Gate.  On this video are the voices of demons and demonic possession and generalized magical mayhem.

WARNING: This video puts Exorcist to shame.

Seuwrhanic Deities

All Seuwrhanic deities are named using Shuniraz, the Rokat native tongue.  The demons listed here are said in Seuwrhanic legend to be Champions that have fallen in combat and were given titles and authorities under Seuwrhan and his Unholy Nine.  The realm that which these entities dwell is called Kurane and it is best described as a star like the sun, but blue.  Inside Kurane is a machine called a Kurane Core, this planet sized vessel is described here .  The demons in Kurane should be thought of as an army.

Seuwrhan is the commander or general.  The eight remaining Unholy Nine are his lieutenants with the Four Winds as a strike force.  The Great Evils are captains and the Rakashanamakanas are the soldiers.  The Thrall which is listed among the Rakashanamakana Clans are the citizens of Kurane.  They are the mortal damned.  There are several hundred more demons not listed, because they have yet to be discovered and summoned.  The below list is only what I have personally summoned.

The nature of who commands who is better understood in Pan Mythica.  I will at some point create a command structure showing who commands who, but that is years off from being created.

Rakashanamakana Clans

Bagur sha Rokash – Testament of Divinity

Besisop sha Manu – Invasion of War

Boda sha Edonap – Cycle of Destruction

Boda sha Shimora – Cycle of Slaughter

Chakosh sha Mora – Portal of Evil

Chakoz sha Edonap – Porter of Destruction

Chamuj Shimora – Worthless Slaughter

Chobam sha Sanu – Genesis of Life

Daka sha Nupo – Place of Resemblance

Damosh sha Rokash – Gayness of Divinity

Edonap sha Manu – Destruction of War

Fadush sha Edonap – Potential of Destruction

Fadusha sha Manu – Potential of War

Fadush sha Nido – Potential of Hate

Fadush sha Shimora – Potential of Slaughter

Gashiko Manu – Great War

Ginp sha Kit – Dominator of Souls

Hanu sha Sorato – Shadow of Death

Hekero sha Kustosh – Discord of Sanity

Ikina Fo – Unholy Air

Ikina Kanu – Unholy Earth

Ikina Ranu – Unholy Fire

Ikina Suna – Unholy Spirit

Ikina Sunu – Unhloy Water

Jivu Sanu – Love Life

Jivu sha Kokustosh – Love of Insanity

Jivuj Kokustosh – Loveless Insanity

Kachu Suna – Tranquil Spirit

Keshi Edonap – Semi Destruction

Ki Hu - Soul Talk

Kidaroka Manu – Celestial War

Kifoki sha Rokash – Sacred Breath of Divinity

Kina Fo – Sacred Air

Kina Kanu – Sacred Earth

Kina Kato – Holy Sun

Kina Manu – Holy War

Kina Ranu – Sacred Fire

Kina Shimora – Holy Slaughter

Kina Suna – Sacred Spirit

Kina Sunu – Sacred Water

Kinashi sha Manu – Prophet of War

Kirapi sha Sorato – Touch of Death

Kokusto Shimora – Insane Slaughter

Konu Kupu – Star Dragon

Ledab sha Shimora – Servant of Slaughter

Lobanp sha Manu – Dictator of War

Mi Edonap – All Destruction

Mi Shimora – All Slaughter

Mi Sorato – All Death

Milaz Shimora – Cosmic Slaughter

Minupesge sha Edonap - All-Father of Destruction

Minupeshe sha Fo – All-Father of Air

Minupeshe sha Jivu – All-Father of Love

Minupeshe sha Kami – All-Father of Hell

Minupeshe sha Kanu – All-Father of Earth

Minupeshe sha ke Kato – All-Father of the Sun

Minupeshe sha ke Shimora – All-Father of the Slaughter

Minupeshe sha Kimago – All-Father of Peace

Minupeshe sha Kit – All-Father of Souls

Minupeshe sha Kokustosh – All-Father of Insanity

Minupeshe sha Kustosh – All-Father of Sanity

Minupeshe sha Manu – All-Father of War

Minupeshe sha Nido – All-Father of Hate

Minupeshe sha Nupo – All-Father of Resemblance

Minupeshe sha Ranu – All-Father of Fire

Minupeshe sha Rokajivu – All-Father of Divine-Love

Minupeshe sha Rokash – All-Father of Divinity

Minupeshe sha Sanu – All-Father of Life

Minupeshe sha Sorato – All-Father of Death

Minupeshe sha Suna – All-Father of Spirit

Minupeshe sha Sunu – All-Father of Water

Minushuni sha Edonap – All-Mother of Destruction

Minushuni sha Fo – All-Mother of Air

Minushuni sha Jivu – All-Mother of Love

Minushuni sha Kami – All-Mother of Hell

Minushuni sha Kanu – All-Mother of Earth

Minushuni sha ke Kato – All-Mother of the Sun

Minushuni sha ke Shimora – All-Mother of the Slaughter

Minushuni sha Kimago – All-Mother of Peace

Minushuni sha Kit – All-Mother of Souls

Minushuni sha Kokustosh – All-Mother of Insanity

Minushuni sha Kustosh – All-Mother of Sanity

Minushuni sha Manu – All-Mother of War

Minushuni sha Nido – All-Mother of Hate

Minushuni sha Nupo – All-Mother of Resemblance

Minushuni sha Ranu – All-Mother of Fire

Minushuni sha Rokajiva – All-Mother of Divine-Love

Minushuni sha Rokash – All-Mother of Divinity

Minushuni sha Sanu – All-Mother of Life

Minushuni sha Sorato – All-Mother of Death

Minushuni sha Suna – All-Mother of Spirit

Minushuni sha Sunu – All-Mother of Water

Ni Shimora – Fore-Slaughter

Puro sha Sorato – Call of Death

Ranu sha Sorato – Fire of Death

Ranut sha Manu – Fires of War

Roka Jivu – Divine Love

Rokastip sha Shimora – Corruption of Slaughter

Star sha Suna – Judgment of Spirit

Suna sha Sorato – Spirit of Death

Suna Shimora – Soul Slaughter

Sunashu sha Kokustosh – Psychophobia of Insanity

Tavuf Shimora – Bloody Slaughter

The Thrall

Tigulz sha Kokustosh – Torturer of Insanity

Tuvinap sha Sorato – Cause of Death

Zuzas sha Nupo – Morpher of Resemblance

Great Evils

Agian Siin – Queen of Hell

Agis – God of Perversion

Bast – God of Treachery

Bicich – God of Thieves

Dane – Brother Dane

Demnon – The Immortal

Desroy – God of Glory

Endi – Goddess of Love and Sexual Sin

Fadu Methugo

Itsussabi – God of Misery



Kathi – Black Witch

Ketopolato – Elder God of Gobekli Tepe


Makole – Judgment of Yahweh


Methugo Fugi – Ultima Power

Mortus – God of Dead Paths



Satisha – The Prime Evil

Shigan – Demon of Butchery



Uvachau Niaki – God of Domination and Ego

Zozo – God of Lust

Four Winds of Evil

Kiktra – Wind of Corruption - Grim Reaper

Kune Pida – Sriih’va – Wind of Death

Shana Suka – Vis’va – Wind of Pestilence

Shimuk Chathu – Rauma – Wind of War

Shipa Suka – Eshki – Wind of Famine

Unholy Nine

Azahran – God of Forged Demons

Eskah – Queen of Kurane

Kukuloo – God of Madness

Muews – God of Chaos

Nigira – Goddess of Fallen Angels

Roaw – God of the Sacred Disk

Seuwrhan – God of Corruption

Shlaah – Goddess of Tainted Love

Tuvax – Goddess of Broken Hearts

Yeski – Goddess of Rage

Complete Collection of Prophecy Books

As with anything and everything I have posted to my sites, nothing on here is for children under 21 years old and or otherwise thick skinned and mature about touchy subject matter.  Below are the complete and uncensored works of Kidasuna's religions aka The Prophecy.  Some of these are not published on my account because they are incomplete books or are too thin.  Some of these books contain subject matter in which I have no plans to complete due to the nasty or grotesque nature of the religions contained within.

The Book Files

Sexually explicit and graphic.  These books are largely completed and contain material about a collection of faiths on Kidasuna that preach a sexual free for all.
String and Cam is an archery cult founded in the military on Kidasuna and this book is not completed and will never be.  Enough material exists for one to join and worship Jakoba-GOD properly.
This book deals with Kidasuna's only source of truly white magic.  The texts tell about the origins of the Rokat species and how they began to build the Rokat Empire.
A pathetic attempt at being holy, this text deals with the worship of virgins and the po0wer over the elements of nature under a six elemental system.
This book talks about the life of Janu Hitikara, a Prophet who was never wrong.  The book contains some Celestial magic bent to the Rokat system of worship.

This text contains no spells.  It does not need any in order to ruin the soul of any who reads and comprehends what is written within.  The texts is mostly about Janu Hitikara's philosphy but ends with a prophecy of his children's rise to absolute power.

These texts talk about the history of dragons and the corruption of the Wizard Seuwrhan.  The books does contain some serious magic, but only dragons can use it to full power.  The magic is written using a Rokat format to the rituals.  It can be assumed that anyone self initiated to Book 2.1 can use this magic, but no tests have been made to confirm this.
Of these, only Coven of Blood Fang is completed.  These books are from the Elvin Traditions on Kidasuna.  These books preach a great deal of hate and bigotry.  I hate Christianity, but these books take it all the way.
This book talks about the transition between Vinori and Rokat rule on Kidasuna.  The spell book here is 99% missing.  The use of the names and various deities leads to this being the largest book in the collection just because it could contain 5,000 spells since it is said the Prophecy has 10,000 to collect.  In dealing with the Names, an unknown number of spirits, this book could contain all the spells in the Prophecy if only the proper names were known.

Vampire magic and is said to read similar to White Wolf's, Book of Nod, which is probably inspired by something evil.

This book is written by Shrin Moaten.  This text deals with several curses spefically placed on Lakisha Hadis for her wrong doings in a town called Shanibala on Kidasuna.
This is probably the least worked on book in the whole collection.  It only contains a few chapters of story and a couple of spells dealing with self initiation and summon an Inan'va.  The Inan'va are a recently extinct race of succubus type beings.
These are Elvin Traditions, but contain greater power than the previous set.  None are completed except for Cult of Jametut and Coven of Blood Raven.  Cult of Jametut can only be joined through birthright which no one of Earth can claim, not even me the author of this site.
This texts is a side-note to the Celestial origins of the White Lord and his family.  This text is incomplete and is missing most of the spells.  It is believed that the spells will deal with battling the Ekina Soldiers.
Hatred for Judea, yeah, your basic antisemitic grimoire.  Cult of Wukot gives a real reason this time, unlike all antisemitic texts on Earth.  No one messes with the Prophet Janu and his student.
Coven of Blood Raven is probably the most fucked up account of someone's life ever made.  Contained in here are e-mails and some message board clips about my love for the Hell Queen, a sorceress I met in San Francisco in 2003.
This is the Elves original faith when they lived on Kidasuna.  This book actually contains two primordial faiths, one is that of the Eleni and the other is of a vampire race called the Zarrae.  This book is largely complete, only lacking a few spells and stories.  It's completion is unknown due to the lack of working knowledge about both the Eleni and Zarre species.
The Iwa Faith is mostly incomplete only containing only the origins story of the faith and little else.
The Temple of Slaughter is a faith unique to the Vinori and it is the blind worship of the Sisters of the Slaughter.  These sisters are five stars links to evil and the destruction of mortal life outside of their covenant.
The Sons of Unu is a self sacrifice cult where you give up your personal power, but you have the option of taking power.  Unless someone knows the banishing ritual, you are safe stealing powers.  Stopping a sorcerer from this cult is very specific.
Of the star worshiping temple, this is the most powerful and most exclusive.  They worship the immortal stars as living beings, sentient and conscious thinking.  They seek the ultimate power of Sahia Blood Queen, a star who thirsts for a sacrificial world.
The Seuwrhanic Way is a collection of temples that are interconnected by their common god and used of black magic.  These books are completed and are working spell books.  No PC Culture here at all.  This is power and I mean real power.  These books are joined through the self initiation ritual provided and this is my personal faith and is the reason none of the other books are complete.  This is my path in life.
Containing the major points in history for the Seuwrhanic Faith, this book deals in spiritual warfare.  There are many classes of black magic within for those who hunger for death and destruction on varying levels.  Those that seek personal destruction and those with grander ideas can both find rituals and spirits within for their amusement.
Many doors to Hell and self-destruction for the weak.  The strong minded sorcerer will find massive power and dangerous demonic allies within.  This book is full of rituals for the Lesser and Greater Gates of Seuwrhan, both of which are dangerous tools to summon demons into this world.  This book deals specifically in human child sacrifice to the demons.  Read this for seer shock value.
This book deals with the Seuwrhanic afterlife and all things dealing with the defiling of death itself.  Inside this book are spells to destroy the immortal soul through ritual murder and this book alone is a fright fest of black magic used to steal magical powers from your victims and to conquer their very souls.
Sigils and Blood, oh my!  Yes, this is the book you psychos are looking for.  Truly deadly and filled with the most evil and vile spells ever written by a mortal hand.
These are single chapters for religions that I never pursued further after learning what I wanted about them.
This book is a document detailing the racist attitudes of the Rokat Empire and deals greatly in human concepts of God, with plans to exploit the concept to enslave humanity.

RACIST MATERIAL: racially sensitive people should not view this document.  Racism towards all races presented here.
Miscellaneous texts including my own coven and some Scientific Racism used on Kidasuna.

This site contains information about the Rokat Empire and the beings that source the material for this Seuwrhanic website.

Teaching Guide

You will need this book to teach you how to properly use the magical systems taught in my channeled works.

The History of the Rokat Empire will bring more things to your attention that will further expand the quality of wisdom you gain from the Pan Mythica books.

Seuwrhanic Grimoires

Books about Seuwrhanism.  These books do not relfect the downloads at the bottom of this page.